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Areas of Practice


Roof and siding

The Roof and siding of your home is your first line of defense against the elements. It's critical that the condition, age and quality of installation of your roof and siding be professionally inspected before close, or as a seller, before initiating the sale process.


Nothing is more inconvenient than an unexpected plumbing problem, especially when settling into your new home. Whether it's an old or faulty water heater, corroded plumbing lines, or incorrectly installed drain or sewer lines, a home inspection can prevent an unforeseen, damaging mess.


Not only is the integrity of your home's electrical system important for your family's day-to-day comfort, but it can be a safety hazard if not sound. A home inspection may find issues that can become major problems in the future.*

Flooring and interior

The interior finishes of your home are what you see, touch, and feel, day in, day out. A home inspection can help ensure that the things that make your home, yours, will be up to the standard you expect.

Heating, Ventilation and air conditioning (Hvac)

Whatever the weather may be outside throughout the year, maintaining a comfortable environment inside your home is part of what makes a house, a home. Catching potential problems before they become major headaches is always a great move. 

termite and pests

Uninvited guests in your home, such as termites and rodents, are a threat to everything from the structural integrity of your home to the health of you and your family. A home inspection is a good way to ensure that your new home is a healthy, clean, and safe place to live.